Tuesday, 11 September 2012

F.A.B Radiance Pads : Liquid Gold for Sensitive Souls?

I've been loving all things Glycolic Acid lately, the obsession started in similar way to most with Alpha H Liquid Gold. I love Liquid Gold but I won't use it more than once or twice a week at the most, as it make my skin kinda oily.

Liquid Gold contains alcohol, which is I believe is to stabilise the AHA's ( or something along those lines) which is fine apart from the face that anything with alcohol makes me horribly oily. I also don't think the Alpha H agrees with my skin when it's breaking out.

I use the F.A.B Radiance Pads every night in place of a traditional toner, the packaging states to use them in the morning as well, but personally the idea of using a chemical exfoliant before make up sounds a bit silly.

They are alcohol free but the Glycolic and Lactic acids give a good tingle on application and leaves the skin feeling really refreshed. Sometimes I use these with a moisturiser and sometimes I skip it, and let my skin breath, they don't make my skin feel tight or like I need to grab for a heavy night cream.

If you want a introduction to AHAs and the effect they an have on your skin the F.A.B Radiance Pads are a good place to start, they are a great way to incorporate some exfoliation into your daily routine.

Marks left from blemishes haven't been hanging around since I started using these and my skin looks a lot less dull and grey.

60 Pads ( a two month supply if used nightly ) costs £20 and is available from Boots or online at Feel Unique.



  1. These sound great. I didn't get on with Liquid Gold so may give these a try. x

    1. The Liquid Gold is a bit overrated, it doesn't work for everyone! These are a great option though xx

  2. This is such a good idea and I love the fact that they already come into pads: you're getting the equal amount of product everytime. I need to assess if the glycolic concentration is enough for me to make a difference or to just purchase one day the liquid gold. This option with the pre charged pads is so appealing! :) thank you for brilliant post x
    1) do you apply a moisturiser after you use the pad at night
    2) do you just apply every night or every other night?
    3) have you had the chance to notice a difference already?
    so many questions, oopsie, lol x
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. I do moisturise after using these not every night, but that's mainly because sometimes I'm too lazy and sometimes my skin doesn't need it. My skin is a lot brighter since using these and I don't have to use scrubs anymore xx

  3. These sound great, think i will have a look when I'm next in boots :)


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  5. I've been eyeing up liquid gold but I might indulge in these instead. I've just discovered your blog, great reviews thanks xx