Monday, 10 December 2012

Soap and Glory Whipped Clean and Smoothie Star Body Buttercream

I wrote about Soap and Glory's new Sugar Crush line which have a zingy, fresh lime scent, another of their new releases is a totally different scent. The Smoothie Star scent is a foody scent that is somewhere along the lines of vanilla cake batter and marzipan.

Whipped Clean is a Shower Buttercream that cleanses and moisturises in one. It has the texture of a thick lotion but it is emollient when used on wet skin. It doesn't really lather but it does have a bit of foam. This is a gorgeous product to use at the end of a long day, and I find the scent and texture very relaxing. It does leave a slight residue but not so much that it would stick to clothes.

Smoothie Star Body Buttercream is a body butter that is very thick and nourishing but when applied feels light and sinks in quickly when compared to something like the Body Shops Body Butters. It has the same amazing scent as Whipped Clean and is a joy to apply. I normally wouldn't apply a Body Butter in the morning as I would worry it would stick to my clothes, but as this sinks in in seconds there's no need to worry!

Both products and the Smoothie Star Body Lotion contain a mix of 5 oils to keep dry skin at bay, and when combined with a good scrub (I like Sugar Crush or The Breakfast Scrub) flaky, scaly arms and legs are no longer an issue.

Soap and Glory is available at Boots where Smoothie Star costs £10.50 and Whipped Clean costs £8 (but can both usually be found on 3 for 2)



  1. These sound amazing. I haven't seen this about yet. I love vanilla scents. x

  2. That buttercream sounds the business, must try cause I love the Body Shop body butters!

  3. Oh wow, it sounds like they smell amazing!! I've been holding back on trying this line but they are also really quite affordable for their amounts, I think I'm going to pack some of these in my shopping bag this year end time!

  4. Haven't tried these but they sound really lovely