Friday, 18 March 2011

Im bewildered for we're strangers when we meet

No make up today, I headed straight to the gym after work so I didn't really want to put more make up on when I got back. I did take my dog Tess out for a walk round the local park, it's finally starting to feel like springs arrived in the UK. And I was very happy to find lots of daffodils.

She didn't really want to pose for the camera
I also watched Up The Air with my boyfriend last night. I'm not normally a fan of George Clooney, but the plot line of this film intrigued me. The outline is, without ruining it for any of you who haven't seen it, is that George Clooney fires people on behalf of their employers, this leads him to spend the majority of his life on the road, which he unusually loves, and hate when a newcomer to the company tries to take it away from him. Anna Kendrick was brilliant in the film and proved she can do more than support the cast of Twilight. I'd recommend the film to anyone. 

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