Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review: Topshop Cream Blush

A while ago when Topshops make-up range first launched my automatic reaction was that it would be a bit of a rubbish collection aimed at 12 year old girls.  However when I saw the colours of these cream blushes I got ready to admit I may have been wrong. However never having tried a cream blush, I was still in doubt as to whether they would work for my skin.
Cute polka dot packaging

The back of the packaging with product swatches
 The first thing I want to talk about is the packaging, which I personally really like. Not the most sophisticated packaging I'll admit but it is fun, and definately not boring. I do think that if the polka dots had been white on black it would of looked more a tad sleeker. In terms of practicality I love the packaging especially the mirror in the lid, which if you like to use cream blushes as a lipstain, is handy for touch ups.

Topshop Cream Blush in Pinch and Crushed Berry
Although both of these look quite intimidating in the pan they both blend down to a gorgeous sheer glow, that can be built up if needed. The two colours I have are both cool toned, but I think they would both work well on most skintones, Crushed Berry in paticular being one of those very wearable berry tones that suit most warm and cool skintones. The wear time on these is great both of them lasting all day with out much fading.
They also work very well as lipstains but if you have problems with dry lips I would put some lipbalm on first.

Top- Crushed Berry swatched Bottom- Pinched swatched
Whats your experience with cream blushes been like? I've already got my eye on Neon Rose from this range! 


  1. I neve tried a cream blusher before, but these look nice! Although Topshop put me off a bi, as one of their LE mouse eyeshadow smelled rank (even though it was only a tester :p:

  2. My instant reaction was that they would be awful, but happily they proved me wrong! I dont own any of the eye mousses, but I plan on buying some next time I go shopping ( Ill also be checking out the new LE collection)
    Incense and Peppermints x