Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Buying bans are they ever successful?

I've been trying to stop myself from spending money on items I don't need,which after frequenting Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams on at least a weekly basis, not even including online shopping is quite a task. I've already caved a few times and bought things excusing myself because I was having a bad week, or it was limited edition, or any plausible reason I can convince myself is reason to part with the limited cash I have and should be stowing away for my trip to London in August.

How I've missed Selfridges!
No matter how much I try to tell myself that I can't afford myself I always seem to find myself happily parting with cash and walking out of the store with some product that I've convinced myself is going to work wonders on my dark circles, eyelashes, complexion. Yet somehow I have amassed a stash of this crap that I think deep down I knew wasn't going to be the miracle I was hoping for. So for the next month I'm not buying any make-up or skincare! 
Instead I'm going to try to find some hidden treasure that have been lying forgotten while I was distracted by new rubbish. Im determined to not fail this time and will be avoiding my local town centre until I go on holiday, safe in the knowledge I have enough of my essentials to last me, at least a good few months. 
I'll be doing reviews of the products I think are worth checking out as well as the one to ignore/ dismiss the hype! 
Also let me know if you've ever been successful on a spending ban!

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