Sunday, 26 June 2011

Review: Rimmel Flash Eyeliner in Flash Black

I've been working a lot of early mornings recently and have found my old faithful routine of gel eyeliner and a Mac 210 is becoming to time-consuming, I need my beauty sleep! So while browsing round Boots I thought I'd pick up a hopefully speedy alternative. I came across Rimmel's Flash Eyeliner and thought it would be worth a try.

Flash Eyeliner is a felt tip liner, which are often a lot easier(and quicker) to use than traditional liquid eyeliners, as the right amount of product is already in the tip, saving you from the risk of splodges of excess product ruining you eye makeup!

It has quite a long tip going down to a very fine point which makes it perfect for a variety of different liner styles, from a thin line to enhance lash thickness to a 50's style cat eye. I find I have to go over the liner with a little black eye shadow ( I like Mac Carbon) just to set it in place, but after that it lasts all day, and I mean all day; I've worked double shifts all weekend and its lasted me from 6am to 11pm, no smudging no flaking and no migrating into the crease.

I'd reccommend this to those that are scared of liquid liner, as it is much easier to use, and anyone looking for a liner to last all day in the current weather we're having!
What are your favourite ways of defining your eyes?

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