Sunday, 4 September 2011

Illamasqua: Theatre of the Nameless

Illamasqua’s new collection really is something else. I love that they have consistently not done the usual thing of letting what season it is completely dictate the colours and style of make-up they release. Theatre of the Nameless really does get to the roots of what the brands about. All of the promo images give hints to 1920’s Berlin and the art of Cabaret; from the exaggerated cupid bows and lip lines to the soaped out and drawn in brows, and cropped hair.


The collection sees the release of a new nail polish, a rubber effect, somewehre between matte and a gloss finish. To see nail swatches visit Illamasqua’s blog.Faux Pas  has really caught my eye, its a really gorgeous blue violet and the finish really does give a better effect than the completely flat look of a matte polish.

The collection also includes; three new lipglosses (including a deep green!) two shimmer blushes, two cream pigments, and three loose pigments.

Theatre of the nameless is available to buy at Illamasqua counters and online now. Prices start at £13.00

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