Saturday, 7 July 2012

Deal of the Week: Alpha H at QVC

Alpha H LIquid Gold Bargain QVC

Not a review but a quick heads up on a great deal! I ordered Alpha H’s  Ultimate Anti Ageing Kit from QVC for just £28.50 (+£3.95 postage) which is by no means cheap but for the products you getting it’s a pretty good deal! Liquid Gold is usually around the £30 mark on it’s own, so the Absolute Eye Complex is basically free!

I remember seeing the same kit on Salon Skincare for £40, and resisting but for £28.50 I had to cave and try it. First impressions of both products are great, I can see why Liquid Gold gets the hype it does, and the Absolute Eye Complex is a really nice eye serum/gel.

You can find the Alpha H Ultimate Anti Ageing Kit at QVC here

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  1. This is a really good deal - I'm loving Liquid Gold right now! x