Monday, 27 February 2012

Carmine: February Edit

carmine february beauty box boxes steam cream yardley balance me teeth whitening

So when I got home today, my Carmine box was waiting for me. And I think I’ve finally decided on which is the beauty box for me. I can’t fault this box. I have now unsubscribed from Glossybox, I just wasn’t using the stuff I got. With Carmine however, I haven’t used everything I received but I have at least tried everything, and a lot of the things I now love.

The main thing I love about Carmine is the balance, the first box I received was a bit make-up heavy but every box since has been  a great balance of hair, body, skincare, and make – up. This box was no different, and I’m excited to use everything in it!

The Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash is a product I already love. Balance Me are one of my favourite brands, all of they’re products smell amazing, and just feel like a real luxury. When I have used this before it also works well as a bubble bath, great if you want a change from Lush scents. I think Carmine must of known of my love for all things leopard print, my tin of Steam Cream something I have always wanted to try, I love multi-purpose products, great for travelling. I’ll be trying this as a face cream, hand cream, body moisturiser and well anything else I can think of using it for! As somebody who hates the shade of their teeth, I was really happy to see White Glo; a teeth whitening toothpaste that can be used everyday. I also got a lovely aqua blue Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish and a cute miniature Diego Dalla Palma lipstick in a pretty coral shimmery shade.

As a bonus a fragrance sample of Yardley Peony was also included!

I think I’ll be sticking with Carmine from now on, I haven’t had a box from them that I dislike, and I always find something in there worth repurchasing!

Carmine is a monthly subscription service and costs £10 a month (+ P&P) and you can still get the February box here


  1. Im still awaiting my box! It looks fab this month. Balance me Rose Otto is my favourite x

  2. The Steam Cream looks awesome, I love leopard print too!


  3. Wish i hadn;t cancelled now, this box looks pretty good!