Saturday, 4 February 2012

Face Oils for Oily Skin?


For the past eight or so years I have been using products targeted to oily or acne prone skin. I would always opt for 'oil free’ face products and wouldn’t moisturise as my skin already produced too much oil. I spent a year making my skin worse with Clinique’s harsh 3 step routine and have taken antibiotics to try and sort my skin out.

Not too long ago I realised, I was doing it wrong.

When your a teenager the likelihood is your skin will be oily, hormonal and you’ll have break outs. For the past decade break outs have been the bane of my life, to try and get rid of them I did as advertising/magazines told me use harsh products that will beat your acne into submission. Did it work? Not once.

Last month I had finally had enough, I’d cut alcohol and SLS out of my skincare routine a while ago but still my skin was irritated, red and I was having a breakout that covered my whole chin and forehead (a pretty picture I know) I switched back to the gentlest cleanser I knew, Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish and dug out a sample of their Skin Repair Light; a moisturiser for oily/combination skin that contains plant oils. In a week I started to see results, my breakouts were fading, I had no dry patches and my skin looked a lot less angry.

It wasn’t much longer that I saw Liz Earle’s Superskin Concentrate come up in a co-buy on BuyaPowa, I took the plunge and I have been using it for just over a week.

It’s too early for a full review, but I will say this; I’ve had no breakouts or spots since using this. I use it at night before my moisturiser and it doesn’t make my skin feel greasy, I just wake up with skin that looks a lot more radiant. A while ago I would have never dreamed of using an oil on my skin, and wouldn’t even use a moisturiser that had any sort of oil in it.

I’ll definitely continue using this and will be doing a full review soon.

Do you use oils or do you prefer to steer clear? Let me know in the comments!

You can find Liz Earles Superskin Concentrate on their website where it is available in 5ml/10ml/30ml (£5.50/£19.00/£38.75) sizes. Also Liz Earle is featuring a lot on QVC with some great offers including a very exciting Todays Special Value!


  1. I used to use the Clinique 3 step system too, absolute nightmare, I love Liz Earle for looking after my skin <3

    1. I really lost faith in Clinique after I used they're skincare. Really was horrible. Liz Earle is so reliable, I know it won't irritate my skin!x

  2. I hear everything your saying, and have been having similar results on my ultra-oily skin with Clarins Lotus treatment oil. Who would've thought? It even keeps me less shiny in the day!

    1. Exactly. This really seems to balance my skin. Wish I'd found it before! Instead of chucking drying/mattifying things at my skin! x

  3. I have really oily skin and would love to know how you find this in the long run- can't wait for a full review! xx

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  4. I always avoid putting oily products on my face. It will be good to know how you find this because I always struggle with choosing a moisturiser for my face.

  5. I'm always wary of using anything with oil in on my skin but I've found that the few things I have used with oil haven't had terrible effects - some have even helped. I might try this when I have a bit of extra cash :)