Friday, 24 February 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: First Impressions

So I mentioned yesterday that I picked up a sample of Vitalumiere Aqua the other day. This isn’t going to be a review but I thought I would share my first impressions as, because I have more of an oily skin type it would be helpful for those who wouldn’t think this would work for them.

I want to mention also, that the lady at the counter was very helpful, and had no problem giving me a sample, despite me not buying anything, so definitely ask for a sample if you want to try this.

So I tried this out for the first time yesterday, I wore it without primer and without powder, but I did wear a little concealer, over areas that I wanted more coverage.

Vitalumiere is water based so its important to give it a through shake before using, I applied using a Real Techniques Flat Foundation Brush and then used the Buffing Brush to ensure it was completely blended in. This foundation feels gorgeous on the skin, it really does live up to it’s claim of being ultra light. The coverage is light, but not as light as I would of expected. Aside from a current breakout, and some very pigmented acne scars, was covered enough for my liking. I have fairly red cheeks, and I felt this gave me enough coverage that I wasn’t worried about them, and it definitely evens my skin tone out.

As for the finish I was expecting this to be very dewy, but I was surprised to find that although it is a bit glowy, it gives a more of a natural finish, not matte but definitely not overly glowy. So if you have oily skin like myself, it won’t make you look shiny.

I found this to last very well, bearing in mind I had not used a primer or powder, I applied this right before going for a 2 hour walk with the dog, and as yesterday was very warm I was expecting to get home and find it had slipped off, but it still looked ass it did when I applied it. As time went on, it gets a bit more glowy, and I would have normally powdered on top.

I’ll be trying this out until my sample runs out, and at the minute I am very tempted to purchase the full size!

Have you tried Vitalumiere Aqua? Should I take the plunge?

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua costs £31 and you can find it at Chanel counters.


  1. I've tried Vitalumiere Aqua and it is my favourite Chanel foundation...I find it's perfect for Spring/Summer as it's got such a lovely natural finish to it :) I wear the loose finish powder with it which is amazing! x

    1. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying it, loving it so far! Would love to try the powder but I think that will have to wait, one Chanel purchase is enough for now!