Thursday, 23 February 2012

Topshop Make Up: Sisters of the New Moon Collection

topshop sisters of the new moon

The things I do for blogging eh! I spotted this new collection in Topshop yesterday, and being on a no-buy I couldn’t impulse buy all of it, so I got swatching instore! Apologies for the phone pictures, but I had nothing else with me. I love Topshop’s make up line, and they’re limited collections always seem to be lust worthy!

topshop sisters of the new moon crystal

I really had to stop myself buying the Crystal Lip Tint, it’s another one of those colour changing balms, but it’s full of glitter! I’ve swatched it above, and the glitter doesn’t transfer, when applied, its just a gorgeously pretty pink flush.

topshop sisters of the new moon charmed lipstick

I also swatched Lipstick in Charmed which is a pastel orange, not something I could pull of, but I think it would look gorgeous with a bit of a tan and some black liner.

The nail varnishes that were released are all pale, shimmery metallics and definitely worth checking out, although it’s worth noting that they are£6.50 not the usual £5.

The Magic Liner, which I also swatched, is a felt tip liner in a pen, and despite how often I wash my hands, that swatch still hasn’t completely gone! I’ll probably be picking this up when I run out of eyeliner.

Have you seen this collection yet? Anything caught your eye?


  1. I've been using the liner lately and can't recommend it enough! I did a post on two of the nail varnishes recently and they're so pretty - I am in love with Hypnotic! It's a lovely collection :)

  2. I have the charmed lipstick and I love it, if you mix it with a bit of lipbalm its a lot subtler. I have really pale skin too!
    I did a post about it on my blog