Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Review: Soap and Glory Hand Food


Soap and Glory are a brand that I have loved since I got one of their lip glosses as a Christmas gift years ago, but lately more and more of their products seem to be creeping into my routine. One of the first products I remember trying of theirs is the Hand Food Hand Cream, I’m talking a good five or so years ago here so along the line I forgot about it (and Hand Cream altogether until about a year ago) but my hands were really dry the other day so I decided to pick up a tube to try.

It’s described as non greasy, which for me is really important, I don’t mind a hand cream that takes a while to sink in, if I’m only using it at night, but if it’s one I keep in my handbag I want it to sink in quickly. This definitely lives up to it’s claim, its got the texture of a thick lotion and it sinks into the skin quickly. The main moisturising ingredients in this are Shea Butter and Grape Seed Oil, it does also contain silicone, but in a lesser quantity than the Shea Butter/Grape Seed Oil, so it still gives a good punch of hydration.

I have been using this about 4 times a day, or whenever my hands feel dry from the cold and I have had no problems with dry scaly patches of skin since I started using this.

Like a lot of Soap and Glory products it is scented, and it’s a gorgeous, sweet scent although I can’t quite pinpoint what it really smells of. If you do have a problem dermatitis or  with scented problems I wouldn’t advise this hand cream as it might aggravate your skin issues.

This is a really lovely hand cream, and for a very reasonable price, I will definitely be repurchasing a full size tube to keep next to my computer, and will keep the travel size in my handbag, for when I am at work.

You can find Soap and Glory Hand Food at Boots where 50ml will cost you £2.35 or 125ml will cost £4.85


  1. Hand Food is one of my favourite hand creams. I've ended up with about 6 tubes of it.

    1. It's lovely isn't it? I can't believe I forgot about it for so long!