Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jewel Rhi–Don’t Cross Me Necklace

other side of cool jewellery

other side of cool jewellery2

The lovely Rhi from The Other Side Of Cool (link – if your not following you should be!) sent me this necklace to review about a month ago.This post is long overdue, I have been too busy wearing it to photograph it!

‘Don’t Cross Me’ features six crosses and has a gorgeous heart clasp – a brilliant touch, which although it will probably be hidden by hair, it makes the piece that bit more special, and different to something you would find

I have been wearing this non-stop since I got it, as it is so easy to wear, and goes with whatever you want to pair it with.It is well made and better quality than many high street jewellery offerings.

All of Rhi’s jewellery has a great combination of girly and edgy design, and just looks effortless. I never feel like I’m trying to hard when I wear this.

I also want to mention that haven’t had any issues with my skin going green or itchy from wearing this, something which happens to me a lot when I wear necklaces. The chain is really great quality and hasn’t altered in colour or gone dull.

If you read Rhi’s blog (and if you dont off you go, you won’t regret it) you’ll know she lives in Malta but she offers recorded delivery for a very reasonable £2, and my necklace arrived well packaged in just a few days.

Jewel Rhi ranges from £3.00 - £6.50 in price, and also do custom designs. You can find Jewel Rhi here – link.

Disclosure: I was sent this to review, this in no way changes my opinion.

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  1. I've seen this on her blog, it looks lovely! I really like the look of her Sugar and Spikes necklace. x