Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Benefit Creaseless Creams–My Small Collection

I’m a big fan of Benefit’s cream eyeshadows, for those lazy mornings when your pressed for time, or feeling particularly uninspired,  team that with the fact they stay put all day, double up as eyeliners and bases for powder/mineral eyeshadows.
I either apply with fingers or a Mac 217, on bare lids, I find without a primer these still last all day on me, despite having fairly oily lids.
They are packaged in sturdy glass jars, so you will want to make sure you keep the lid on tight, to avoid them drying out. the design on the lids is classic Benefit, with a pretty, vintage-feel dove print.
L-R: R.S.V.P; My Dates My Brother, Get Figgy; Strut
I love using R.S.V.P, My Dates My Brother and Get Figgy for lazy mornings before I head off to work, or with a bold lip. I use strut as a base for smoky eyes.
These really don’t budge once you put them on, so they make great bases for powder shadows, if you’re not one for a dedicated eye primer.
Benefit Creaseless Creams can be found here priced £14.00 for 4.5g.


  1. I really want to get RSVP. I have skinny jeans and I love it! I have fairly oily lids and this does not budge at all. Nice blog :)

  2. I want to get a HUGEEEEE collection of these, they're all so pretty!
    So far I only have one though :( haha xx

  3. Make-up Fairy - I really want skinny jeans it looks like such an interesting colour

    Lauren - Which colour do you have? I can't wait to get my hands on some more!


  4. I absolutely love these Creaseless Creams, I have Skinny Jeans and Slippin' n' Dippin. Skinny Jeans is such a beautiful shade, perfect for everyday smokey eye! x

  5. love the look of these, not got any yet but I may have to brave the benefit counter sometime soon!

  6. There's a little shop in Leicester (don't know how near that is to you, I just noticed your profile says you live in the midlands!) city centre that carries a small selection of these shadows! They sell them for about £8 or something and they're brand new! Some colours are discontinued, but there are some permanent line ones too! I picked up My date's my brother and sippin n dippin! Almost half price!

  7. I love that shop Jian! I live in Loughborough so I go there quite a bit :)