Sunday, 28 August 2011

Inglot Eyeshadows; Some More Swatches


I’ve already waxed lyrical numerous times, so I’m not going to bore you with my continual rambling! But as expected being in London for me, means a trip to Inglot. I was disappointed however this time with the customer service which seems to have gone down the toilet since I last visited.  Despite my informing the sales assistant, I knew how the Freedom Palette system worked she continued to badger me, and tried to upsell me onto some ‘Rainbow Eyeshadows’ which were basically one pan with shades of the same colour, they cost £6 as opposed to £4.50, and to be honest they all seemed to lack pigmentation and the colours were pretty dull. As well as that the majority of the smaller shadows were out of stock (they are the cheaper option) so to get the colours I wanted I had no option but to buy the bigger pans.

Bad service aside, I picked up two palettes of four which after the recent price hike cost me about £23 each (a five pan palette cost me just £20 this January).

Anyway enough waffling swatch time!


If anyone wants colour numbers let me know, I did ask the SA to write them down for me on the receipt but she just looked at me confused!


  1. Love the shades you picked!! Especially the two dark ones

  2. There really is too much choice in there! I love pairing the teal with the green gold colour, they make a really nice smokey eye

  3. The purple matte color what number is??? :)