Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Swatching my Stash–Barry M Dazzle Dusts

One of the first brands I got really into as a teenager was Barry M, I think I was seduced by all the bright colours and glitter, the Dazzle Dusts and Nail Paints being a firm favourite of mine (and they still are). While the Dazzle Dusts may not have the best texture on the market they easily match some higher end brands loose pigment offerings and are a snip at £4.99 a pop (although currently in a 2 for £7 offer at Boots)
There is a very wide colour range available, with something to suit everyone, from metallics, to taupes, neon brights to darker smoky colours. I challenge anyone to not find at least one Dazzle Dust they love.
At the minute I have 8 in my collection (I did have more but I think they may have been ‘borrowed’ by my sister).
Swatched with UDPP (top) and bare skin (bottom)
From L-R 14, 15, 75, 79
98, 64, 44,9
If your into your duochromes and metallics I suggest having a look at these little pots of joy as there’s many interesting colours to discover. I'm loving 98, for a smoky eye with lot’s of black mascara and a nude lip at the minute.


  1. Your photography is beautiful girl!
    As are these swatches, toooo pretty :D xx

  2. Love it! The colours are so vibrant x

  3. Lovely colours, number 79 is my favourite it's so pretty! x

  4. I love these dazzle dusts! May have to buy some more now I seen your post! :) xxx

  5. I love 98, I don't use nearly as often as I should though... That first photo is very scrumptious :)

  6. ohhh these look amazing, I must get some!