Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Post Work Hauling

Today I felt like I needed a little pick me up, to take the edge of getting in late from work last night and leaving for work again at 5 this morning. So I paid a visit to Superdrug, armed with a 25% off receipt, curious as to how much I could save.
To get 25% off is really simple (and I’ve been kicking myself for normally throwing them away!), you just get your receipt and go to Superdrug Feedback, fill in a five minute survey about your visit in store. When you've completed the survey they give you a code to write in the space on the back of the receipt, you then take the receipt with you next time, and give it to the cashier. You can get 25% of Superdrug branded goods (also includes Sleek and MUA) and 10% off branded goods (L’oreal, Revlon etc) when spending over £10.
Today I treated myself to these beauties;

MUA Pro Palette in Dusk til Dawn £4
Sleek iDivine Oh So Special £6.49
Once I used my 25% off coupon, both palettes came to a guilt-free £7.86! There’s no way I’ll be caught chucking a Superdrug receipt in the bin from now on!
Do you make use of Superdrug’s discount codes?

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