Sunday, 6 November 2011

Advantage Card Splurging

Throughout the year my Advantage Card balance has looked a lot healthier than my bank balance, and the fact that I get 4 points for every pound I spend in there does encourage me to drop more of my pennies in there when I want a high end purchase, than say Debenhams or John Lewis. I’ve spent a fair few points this year on things that I considered necessities, but now its almost Christmas, I want to treat myself self to a luxury purchase. So far the only Christmas Collection to have caught my eye has been Estee Lauders Pure Crimson.
I often find myself drooling over the Estee Lauder counter but manage to restrain myself to just purchasing my Double Wear (and the odd cheeky eyeshadow duo) but this Eyeshadow Palette in Enchanted has really got my heart fluttering… Along with the gorgeous Pure Colour Lipsticks in Rubellite and Scarlett Siren, one can never have too many Red or Pink Lipsticks I say!
Do you save up your Advantage Card Points in order to splurge or do you spend them on little treats through the year? Is there anything else I should spend my points on?


  1. i'm trying to save mine up so i can splurge! i didn't even know you could use your points to buy high end make-up (: xxx

  2. Do you use the advantage card points in store? There's always some good little offers in there. You can use your points for anything except opticians I think!

  3. I save them up :)I've got over £20 worth of points but I want to wait until I'm at £30 before I use them. I use the machine and I cut the coupons out of the advantage card magazine. x

  4. I use my points on small and silly things like aspirine and pro plus, rather than make up. I'm not willing to spend actual money on something I won't use everyday (and I use make up everyday, so it didn't count). I am trying to save up for a new mascara though