Sunday, 6 November 2011

New Shoes

Black Platform Wedges ~ New Look £24.99
Its amazing how a new pair of shoes can make you feel, I always feel I have a bit of a spring in my step the first time I slip on a new pair. I picked these up yesterday when I was at a loss for some shoes to wear with my new dress. I wanted something that wouldn’t give me a bucketload of blisters, and had a clean simple design. These really delivered on both of those fronts, I’m usually not very good in wedges, but these were really comfortable, and I can see them working with a lot of outfits. They’re suede so they do show up dust etc if you look close, but in reality its not really noticable.
As with most New Look Shoes they feel high quality for the inexpensive price point, but if like me you don’t wear the same pair of shoes day after day, you don’t need to feel guilty about spending a fortune.
I can’t sleep tonight, so I’m watching SATC reruns, something I haven’t done in a while as I gave the boxset to my sister as I figured having watched it at least 7+ times I should let someone else get some use out of it!


  1. These are gorgeous! The only trouble is I can't walk in heels....

  2. Thanks Jian, have you tried starting with smaller ones, and working towards higher ones? That's how I did, I just wore some when i went shopping, and sorta forced myself to learn!

  3. The last time I wore heels out during the day was during my A level years. I wore them to school and thought I couldn't make it home! Because my school was in the town centre, I dashed into a shoe shops and bought some flat ballet pumps...and went home in those.

    Yes, good suggestion! XD Thank you!