Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Review: 17 BB Cream in Light

17 BB Blemish Balm Light

BB Creams is a buzz word of such lately, and I have to admit, I’ve been dying to try one. I tried the Garnier one in store and it felt really greasy to me and having never had luck with Garnier products in the past I wanted to skip it. The Illamasqua Skin Base didn’t seem very true to the idea of a BB Cream, and I felt the price tag was too much if it was just going to be another foundation.

17’s however retails at £6.99 (£5.99 at the minute, and also included in the current 3 for 2) boasts SPF 25 and oil control properties. It wasn’t yet on the shelf in my local Boots, but being the crazy beauty loving blogger that I am I found myself rooting through one of the draws under the display, where I found many BB Creams Boxed up and ready to buy.

It comes in two shades Light and Medium, so if your skintone leans particularly cool or warm, or you have dark/or a very pale skin, there probably wont be a shade for you. I have pale cool skin (I’m a 1C1 Shell in Estee Lauder Double Wear) and Light is a pretty much perfect match for me.

Most of the reviews I’ve read about this product, are fairly indifferent to it, and give the impression it is pretty much a tinted moisturiser with a different name. I’m going to go against popular opinion, because I am loving this product. I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin (painting a lovely picture aren’t I?) it’s been like that for the past few years, hormones are almost certainly to blame, and I’ve spent half a year taking antibiotics for the acne to return as soon as I stopped. I normally deal with this by covering my skin with Double Wear, which is great if you have enough time to add colour back too your face with blush/highlighter, but as the days get shorter I am valuing time in bed more than time spent getting ready for work, and need something that doesn’t completely block out my complexion.

For me this isn’t a tinted moisturiser, tinted moisturiser slip off my skin and just are something to avoid for me, this has what I would say is a semi-matte finish, I find it give a great matte finish to my oily skin but my skin looks really awake and bright. It gives good coverage but not as heavy as I need on my problem areas.

The way I have been using it is applying it all over my face, with a brush (MAC 109 or 187) and then applying Double Wear where I need it, and setting with powder. It lasts very well for me ( I put my make-up on usually at 4.30am, and it’s about 2 or 3 in the afternoon before I feel the need to touch up with powder, I also find it holds the rest of my make-up in place, a lot better than the silicone based primers I’ve used, I would put this down to the fact it does control my oily skin  and stop my blush etc from just being absorbed by my ever hungry pores!

17 BB Blemish Balm Light Swatch

I would definitely recommend this if you have oily skin, it might work wonders for you too!

17 BB Cream is available at Boots, and cost £6.99.


  1. There are so many BB creams being released atm! Not sure which one to get or whether to wait for the No7 one which gets released in January! xxx

  2. This sounds quite appealing for me. I tried the Garnier BB cream the other day and thought that was just like a perfumed tinted moisturiser and it was far too greasy for my oily prone skin. x
    p.s Lush giveaway on my blog :)

  3. brilliant brilliant review: must buy it!! xx

  4. @Daisy: Personally I'd go with the 17, they would have been made by the same manufacturer, and the No7 costs £15, and only comes in one shade
    @Evelyn Completely agree with you, it smells awful, and is so greasy! Yuk.
    @liloo thanks, you should try it! While its in the 3for2 especially!

  5. I have just bought this so I'm glad to here it works out well for oily skin. Oily skin and visible pores are my no.1 beauty complaint right now! The only thing I've found is that it's a bit too dark for my skin but as it's a base it's nothing I'm too worried about.