Thursday, 24 November 2011

Relaxing with Yankee Candle


I’ve had the pleasure of getting two consecutive days off this week (I work in retail, this rarely happens) so rather than waste the time, I’ve made an effort to turn my house upside down, and try to make it a bit more welcoming and cosy. To help with this recently I’ve really got into burning candles, I find it makes my house feel a bit more homey (is that a word??)

When my generic vanilla tea lights just weren’t cutting it I starting buying Yankee Candle samplers (£1.40 - £1.75) but since reading The Sunday Girls posts about Yankee Wax Tarts I picked up a few to try out. They are a lot cheaper than the candles, and cost about £1.20 (I picked up my Christmas Cookie ones on sale for 90p) and burn for about 8 hours.

I’ve got a Christmas Cookie burning at the minute and it smells, amazing! If you like sweet, cakey scents you will love this.

Do you like candles/oils? Are there any that I should check out?


  1. These scents sound yummy! (In the non-edible way). Do you put your wax tarts on a plate when burning them? I've never been too sure about this.

    Strawberry Buttercream is a lovely scent to try too. :)

  2. I bought an oil burner from a discount store, for about £1.49. You just put a tealight in the bottom part, and the wax tart on top.
    That sounds like a lovely scent, will have to pick it up!

  3. i love the christmas cookie one, it smells amazing! i have tried a couple of the small candles - i love how intense they smell and how long the scent lingers in my flat mmhh :) xx