Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hauling… (Pic Heavy)


NYX soho glam




Just a few of the things I picked up today (this is only about half!) I shall be trying all of these out and posting some more reviews, and area of my blog I feel I have been slacking on recently. I can’t make any excuses about having nothing to review now can I?!? I’ve picked up a lot of 17 products (following Sundays 17 Cosmetics Twitter Party, organised by @ReallyRee and @MayLovesMakeup) including the new BB Cream, which wasn’t on the stand at my local Boots but I managed to find it after scrambling through one of the draws (that’s dedication eh?).

Me and Nik went to Nottingham today and I managed to spend most of my advantage card points and drop some serious coin in MAC, something I haven’t done in about six months. I only bought base products and a 187 as the Glitter and Ice Collection failed to wow me on first impressions, but who knows I mightget swayed to buy a Dazzleglass or two.

TK Maxx are also impressing with the amount of NYX they currently have in stock, for some great prices. If you fancy trying some and don’t fancy the shipping prices, you should go have a rummage!

Hope your weeks are off too a good start, I’ll be back with a ‘real’ post tommorow!

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  1. I picked up the NYX palette thus breaking my shopping ban but at £15 I had to!