Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cold Weather Essential: SilDerm Body Oil


I received the SilDerm Stretch Mark Massage Oil in my November Glossybox, and although it is aimed at pregnant women, I was really excited to try it out.

I normally forget to use moisturiser after I get out of the shower/bath but I have tried to make an effort this month to leave this near the tub so a can spray some on as while my skins still damp. Other than Bio Oil this is the first body oil I’ve tried, and as I didn’t get on with Bio Oil (it didn’t sink in, left me feeling greasy and my skin tacky) I wasn’t expecting to think much of this.

I also feel I should note that I like most women have a few stretch marks, but I don’t feel I have been using the oil long enough to judge whether it has helped them to fade (although it does contain Vitamin E which can help to reduce the appearance of scaring and stretchmarks) I will just be reviewing it on its moisturising properties.

SilDerm comes in a heavyweight glass bottle with a spray nozzle which makes targeted application easy and stops you using too much, it is quite heavily scented and is very herbal, so it may not be too everyone’s taste but I really love the smell! I try to apply while my skin is still damp and rub it in to my skin, concentating on the really dry areas; my elbows, knees etc. In addition too a new exfoliator that I’ll be reviewing soon, I feel like my skin is a lot smoother and softer since using this, and will definitely continue to use it.

I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks, and have barely used any product so I can see this bottle lasting me a long time, which is great considering it costs £34.95 for a 120ml bottle (you can also get a 30ml sample size for £9.99) and come next winter I can see myself repurchasing this.

You can find SilDerm on their website where you can also get a free sample.

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