Friday, 30 December 2011

Japonesque Brushes


For most people in the UK, MAC is the probably where you go when you want to spend some money on brushes, for a long time I only owned MAC brushes, until I started reading blogs and watching tutorials on YouTube and I started look at other brands for brushes. Japonesque is a brand that I have been really interested in, especially after hearing YouTube Guru and Make-Up Artist Lisa Eldridge talk so highly of the brand.

Japonesque were founded over 20 years ago, and make some of the industry’s most innovative brushes and tools (their range extends to palettes, tweezers, lash curlers and make-up cases) and now their range of Travel Brushes is available on the High Street at Boots and John Lewis.

I was sent three of their Travel Brushes to try out, and the first thing I wanted to mention was that unlike MAC whose Travel Brushes (the LE sets that often appear in the Holiday collection) are not made to the same quality as their usual brushes, Japonesque’s are made to the same standard and high quality finish, they just have a shorter handle.


Travel Powder Brush (£29.25) I am in love with this brush, I have been searching for a new powder brush for a while, since my MAC 168 has been shedding for the past year, but never got round to buying one as they cost a lot and I didn’t want to end up with another one that sheds! The Japonesque Powder Brush is natural fibres, and has a large, domed head. It applies my MAC MSF perfectly and when I apply it with this, it never looks cakey. It’s also the softest brush I own, when I use this in the morning it almost sends me to sleep! I haven’t experienced shedding and it washes well.


Travel Smudger Brush (£14.75) This brush is perfect for smudging kohl or eyeshadow along the upper or lower lashline. It works equally well with powder or cream/gel products and it’s now essential to me to get a perfect, soft, smouldering smokey eye!


Travel Brow/Lash Comb (£9.75) Up until now I was using a very old, No7  spoolie brush for my brows but this brush preps them perfectly for drawing them in and the comb is the best I’ve tried to get rid of clumps after putting on Mascara. Whenever I use my Benefit They’re Real, I tend to have a problem with it clumping on the second coat, this removes all of the clumps. and gives definition to the lashes.

You can buy Japonesque brushes online and instore at Boots and John Lewis. Where do you go to buy brushes? Do you stick to one brand or do you have selection?


Disclaimer: These brushes were provided by PR for review.


  1. I love the look of these brushes. Got the travel smudger one in my Carmine box this month and have been using it non stop!

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