Friday, 16 December 2011

MAC Essentials: Copperplate Eyeshadow

MAC Copperplate


A lot of make-up junkies begin they’re addictions at MAC, and lets face it it’s hard not too. What other brand that’s as easily accessible offers you the range that MAC does? But like most brands they have some brilliant, must-have products and some duds. I’ve bought a lot of MAC in my time, and I have my fair share of bad MAC products. I’ll be doing these types of post every now and then, and hopefully MAC will seem a little less daunting!
MAC Copperplate is a Matte² Eyeshadow, that in the pan looks very unassuming. On the skin it is a beautiful grey taupe. The  Matte²  formula is smooth and a lot more blendable that the regular Matte formula. This is one of the products that reminds me why I love MAC, its simple but its a beautiful colour and formula that will work for a lot of people and situations.

It is a pretty versatile colour and I think it adds depth to both warmer and cooler shades, if I’m feeling a little lazy but still want to look polished I know I can reach for this and blend it into the crease for a defined, put together look.

I can see this shadow work for a lot of skintones, although at first look it looks like it would work better for cooler skin, but paired with a warm brown (I’m thinking Woodwinked) I think it could work well for those of you with a warmer skin.

Do you have any must have MAC items? Any items you’d like some advice on?

You can get MAC Copperplate instore and online where it will cost you £11.50/£9.50 for the Pro Pan.


  1. love that colour!
    laur x

  2. It's on my wishlist! I love matte2 eyeshadows, never had one of those that was a dud!

  3. I just bought this new favorite. So blendable and creamy, i use it with naked lunch on the lid and copperplate in the crease for an every day look.