Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Lush Sale Haul


Hi guys, hope you had a lovely Christmas! I had a great Christmas and Boxing day but since then I’ve been working non-stop, I hate working in retail during Christmas when everyone else has time off! The only sale I was interested in this year was Lush’s 50% sale. I really loved all the Christmas stuff this year, and yesterday I made a trip to my local store. I picked up:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Glogg Shower Gel

Celebrate Lip Tint

Three Gold Rings Bubble Bar

Satsumo Santa Ballistic

So White Ballistic

Superstars Bubble Bar

Abombinaball Ballistic

My nearest store (Leicester) had quite a lot left yesterday, although they were out of anything Snow Fairy related (my boyfriend picked the Snow Fairy up for me from the Nottingham store). I never managed to get online while the sale was on, the website wouldn’t stop crashing on me, but I’m happy with what I got in store, my sister also managed to pick me up a spare Magic Wand, and some Candy Cane soap before they sold out, and I can’t wait to have some lovely, Lush baths!


  1. Great buys! I picked up the large bottle of Snow Fairy plus some favourites :) resisted buying a load of the box sets...was so tempting! xx

  2. I think I've got enough Snow Fairy to last me till next Christmas now as I got some as a gift as well! My store had ran out of all but the small gift sets, if I bothered going on Boxing Day I would of found them impossible to resist!