Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream

I am notoriously fussy when it comes to hand creams, if they don’t sink in immediately i lose interest in them and give them away. I hate the feeling of creams and lotions just sitting on top of my skin getting all manner of dust and fluff stuck to them.
Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream is a thick, rich cream designed to keep hands hydrated for up to twelve hours, it also claims to be restorative, in that it improves the skins ability to retain moisture.
I think I’m onto a winner with this hand cream, it’s rich and moisturising, sinks in straight away without leaving behind any unwanted greasy residue, and the plastic tube is easily portable. I tend to apply morning and night, and my hands are softer and smoother.
It’s a bit pricey at £16.00 for 75ml, but the 30ml sample tube I got from a recent Bonus Time, has been in constant use for over a month and is still going strong.
You can purchase Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream here.

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