Sunday, 10 July 2011

Products I Wish I Had Never Bought: Clinique Clarifying Lotion

As part of my buying ban, I will be going through my stash and finding products that were definitely not worth parting with cash for. The first products in this is Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion in Type 3: Combination/Oily skin.
Admittedly I was a bit of a skincare noob, when I purchased this and didn’t question anything the white lab-coated SA told me, and walked out of Debenhams, happy in the knowledge that the ‘3 Steps’ would change my oily, acne prone skin, in to radiant, clear and glowing skin. I was so wrong.
This product promises to be a ‘gentle exfoliating lotion’ and the bottle reassures you that ‘the tingle means its working’, it’s not so much a tingle as feeling like you’re face is on fire. This is the single most stripping product I have ever used, although my skin did seem to get used to it. Because of this however, it sent my skin into oil-production overdrive, making my skin oiler than its ever. Not what I was hoping for.
Although it is fragrance free, it smells horrible, like nasty, cheap vodka to be precise, my boyfriend would often ask after I’d used this why my face smelled like alcohol. I do find it hard to believe it contains anything else to be honest.
If you still want to purchase this it can be found here for £24.

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