Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Inglot Palette–Swatched and Reviewed


I LOVE my Inglot Palette. It’s not often I declare love for eyeshadows but Inglot ones bring it out in me. They are simply the smoothest, most pigmented shadows and are a complete dream to blend. If I lived near to the White City Westfield, I would be tempted to say that I would probably buy exclusively Inglot eyeshadows.

I have a palette of five of the larger eyeshadows (all weighing around 2.2grams), which cost me a very reasonable £20, only slightly more expensive than buying two palette refills for a Mac palette, and for much bigger shadows.

The Freedom Palette system allows you to pick a palette size (they now make up 40 pan palettes!) and fill it with eyeshadows, blushers, eyebrow powders/waxes, concealers and lipsticks. You can choose from small round pans or larger rectangular pans. Most items are also available as singles.

Now onto the pictures!




Swatched with UDPP (top) and without (bottom)

My only pet peeve is that once they are in the palette, it is impossible to get them out, to check which colours you have, without risking a broken eyeshadow. When I pay them a visit next month I plan to ask them to write the numbers down for me.

I’ll definately be taking a look at more Inglot palettes when I visit London in August, aswell as picking up another palette. Hopefully Inglot will begin selling online here in the UK, but until then the only stockist is the Inglot store in the White City Westfield.


  1. Inglot look amazing! I must check this brand out!

  2. They really are, they're quite affordable compared to Mac. I'm gonna be having a proper look at the lipsticks next time I'm there x