Thursday, 21 July 2011

Products I Wish I Had Never Bought: MaxFactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

This product really doesn’t live up to any of it’s claims. I love the colour but since I bought it last winter I have used it once, and never again!
It comes in a felt pen type packaging with a thick stiff nib, something that makes it nearly impossible to get an even coverage with. Approximately 10 minutes after putting it on it had began to bleed all around my lip line and preceded to stain my foundation with red; not a good look. So any claims of it being long-lasting and surviving eating and drink (something I dared not attempt wearing this) are a steaming pile of crap!
It also dried out my lips to the point they became tight and sore, whilst the colour settled into the dry areas making it look a lot worse.
I thought I could maybe make some use out of it, by using it as a cheek stain, not so. It’s completely unblendable, so just leaves you with faint stripes.
This is definitely the worst lip product I have ever bought, and has put me of the lip marker all together.


  1. Oh dear. Sorry this didnt work for you. TBH these pen lippies never work for me either.

  2. Yeah, I much prefer a classic lipstick :) I really should get rid of this, but i'm a hoarder!