Sunday, 24 July 2011

Indola Innova Smart Street Style Bloggers Competition

When approached a while ago about taking part in a contest to create a hairstyle using some Indola Innova products, I decided to base my look on the Fifties theme. I received, the Indola Innova Shine Spray, Thermal Protector Spray and Volumising Texture Powder to create my look, (for which I borrowed my sisters barnet as it was much more suited to the look).
To start with I prepped the hair with the Thermal Protector Spray, before straightening all of the hair with GHD’s. I’ve not tried many thermal sprays, but I liked the fact that this didn’t weigh the hair down, making it easy to style, it also smells amazing!
Once I’d straightened the hair I used the Hero Product for this look, the Volumising Powder. I’ve not come across anything like this product before, and I use a lot of volumising products. To use simple put the amount about the size of a ten pence piece on to your hands, the white powder will dissolve when you rub your hands together, then use this to create your desired style. Simples!
Finally, because my sister’s hair has been bleached a lot I wanted to add some shine to it, for the I used the Shine Spray I was sent, simply spraying the areas I wanted to add some life to. This is a really lovely product, it doesn’t replace normal hair spray but it adds a gloss to the hair without using shimmer or glitter, so it looks very believable.
After using these products on my own hair and on my sister’s I’ve found them to be very versatile and to most importantly do the job they say they will, the Volumising Powder and Shine Spray will be making it into my daily routine, and I will definitely be checking out some other Indola Innova Styling Products.
I would also like to say a quick thanks to my boyfriend, sister, her boyfriend for helping me with this post!
They’re all real charmers I assure you!

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