Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mac Collections: Worth the Hype?

I use Mac make-up on a daily basis, they make a lot of great products, that I can see myself repurchasing and staying faithful to. Their permanant range of make-up is (mostly) up to the right standard for the price.
 The one thing I have never understood is the mass hysteria which follows their L.E Collection launches, with many of them selling out within the day they are released, the elevated website traffic often slowing the checkout system down or grinding it to a halt ( as I believe happened across the pond, with the recent, Bloggers Obsession launch), all this makes me ask are the products really worth it?

A lot of the type the hype surrounding a collection is all surrounding one product, which is either publicised to death or a repromote that is known to sell out, a very good marketing ploy, as lets face it, how many of us leave a store or counter with just the one item we intended to?
This always makes me think, if people are willing to part money to buy a L.E product in bulk, why not just save us all the hassle and make it permanant?
Rant over! Would you go out of your way for that sought after Limited Edition Product? What drives you to part with the cash?

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