Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Secret Single Behaviour


I’ve been working shifts lately and have had a completely different schedule to my other half, meaning I have a lot more time alone, to watch Sex and the City re-runs. I was watching the episode where they discuss their ‘Secret Single Behaviour’. ‘Secret Single Behaviour’ (or SSB for short) being thing you only do alone away from your partner/spouse/friends. Carries for example was reading Vogue standing up and eating crackers with grape jelly.
Mine involve tweezers, copious amounts of Nair, nail clippers and polish, and as I’ve been preparing to go on holiday this week, I’ve been indulging in a fair few of my SSB’s ( I have obviously been a vision of beauty, with a face covered in hair removal cream, and clipping my toe nails).
How about you what beauty routines do you save for alone time? Or does nothing on the path to gorgeous embarrass you?

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