Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Christmas at Superdrug

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Superdrug have got some great gift sets out for Christmas, all the ones I have featured are in the 3 for 2 offer meaning there are some great deals to be had. New for 2012 are the Studio Look Books, a similar concept to the Frontcover sets, each of the nine books, contains products to create a look, that’s represented on the cover. I like the fact that each of the books ha the same model on the cover, it makes it easier to translate the looks. I was sent the Metallic Eyes (£6.99) and the Mascara Wardrobe (£7.99), both contain some really lovely products. The Metallic Eyes set has four baked eye shadows all of which have a lovely texture and a very pigmented for baked shadows. It also comes with a glitter eyeliner and a mascara, as an eyeliner, I’m not too keen on the glitter eyeliner, but it makes a nice sticky base for the eyeshadows. The mascara is nice, nothing ground-breaking but a nice everyday mascara.
The mascara set contains three mascaras, a brow gel and a set of lash curlers, the curling mascara is the highlight of the set, and the other mascaras are of the same vein as the one contained in the Metallic Eyes kit. The lash curlers make a nice back-up, but I don’t think they’ll be replacing my Shu’s.
I was also sent the Simply Treats (£4.99) set which features some products from Superdrug’s Simply Pure skincare range, all are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly and Paraben and Fragrance Free. The Simply Treats set contains, the Smoothing Face Scrub, Cleansing Face Mask and Light Moisturiser. These would make great gifts for anyone with sensitive skin (like myself) and I particularly love the Cleansing Face Mask, it’s really helped calmed down a bad break-out I had recently. The moisturiser is also great, especially for oily skin, as its very light in consistency. Although it does contain silicones, so if you’re avoiding them you might want to pass on this. I like the Face Scrub, but Scrubs in general tend to irritate my skin, so I haven’t been able to test it properly.
I’ll definitely be heading to Superdrug to see what other sets they have to offer, they’re all such great value, and there’s some real gems that would make lovely gifts for family and friends.

I’ve got a day off, today, and I’m spending it watching Season One of The Walking Dead.  After so many Vampire film/tv shows saturating entertainment lately it’s nice to have a show with a different monster. Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Or do you prefer the glamorous world of True Blood and Twilight? Hope your all having a great Tuesday!


  1. Interesting! I have never looked to Superdrug for Christmas gifts. I never really look to Boots either, but I must say this year I have gone and had a look because of the Hello Kitty x Liberty products they have. Their Minnie collection (especially cosmetic pouch!) is really adorable too! I hinted at my boyfriend I'd like to see it in my stocking. Goodness knows if he'll remember (doubt it).

    Anyway, hope you're enjoying your day off. I haven't seen True Blood or The Walking Dead. Not really a fan of Twilight either. I really don't like Rob Pat. In fact I have a rather intense dislike of him....

  2. I watched The Walking Dead over the summer, it's really good but there aren't many episodes compared to most other US TV shows. x

  3. @Jian I find with men it's better just to spell it out, lol. Hinting doesn't tend to work! I just took mine to Boots last year! I'm glad someone else isn't hypnotized by R.Patz I can't stand him!

    @Emma That's what surprised me to, six episodes is really short for a US Season!

  4. Those sets, although not amazing quality perhaps, would make nice stocking fillers for young girls just getting into makeup I think.

    The skincare stuff sounds great, I find that often the cheaper drugstore versions are quite good, I used to love Tesco's vitamin E range (until I moved away).

    Great review, thanks for sharing! xx

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  5. I get so many gifts for people from Superdrug and boots, if you look around you can find some really nice things.