Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Jewellery

Topshop swallow necklace
topshop gem necklace
primark birdcage necklace
I’ve picked up quite a bit of jewellery this week the Swallow and the Yellow Necklace are both from the Topshop sale and only cost £3.50 each! The Birdcage necklace is from Primark and cost £2.50. I love buying necklaces, they really add interest to an outfit. I’ve also ordered some of the gorgeous rings from LLYMLRS shop which I will post about next week.
What are you doing with your weekend? My sisters coming round tonight, we’re going to watch some scary movies eat pizza, and then tommorow we’re going to Nottingham to do some shopping!


  1. Ooh I love these! Good bargain too! :)

    I am generally really lazy about wearing fashion jewellery! I always wear the same jewellery lol...not so fun!

  2. lovelyy necklace, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting again very soon :)

  3. I love the yellow nacklace. I can really see it going well with so many outfits from dressed up to casual.