Saturday, 22 October 2011

NYX Nude on Nude FOTD

NYX Nude on Nude

Quick look I did today using the NYX Nude on Nude Palette, the texture of these shadows is nice, they remind me of MAC’s shadows in that they’re blendable but not too greasy, and they don’t have any fallout issues. I also used two of the lipsticks that came with to make a pinky red lip, they’re all pretty sheer so they’re great if you don’t want a heavy lip.

Rest of the products I used were the usual suspects, blush was Butterscotch by Fashionista. I’m really missing my Estee Lauder DoubleWear at the minute, its ran out and my skin is breaking out like mad, and nothing will cover it!


I’m off to meet my Mum and then I’ve got to work late this evening, so I’m in for a long day, can’t wait for tomorrow and making a lovely Roast Dinner!


  1. Your eyes look really lovely and I like the subtle coloured lip :) xx

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  2. Gorgeous blending there! Very jealous of your brows

  3. @Lauren Rose Thanks!
    @TheOtherSideofCool Thank you, the lip colours are all really lovely, and they all mix together brilliantly!
    @Gaelle Thanks hun, I rushed my brows today as I couldn't be bothered! I love the Vivo Brow Kit though, finally found a colour that isn't too red!

  4. *quietly slinks away from the monitor*

    Stop this madness; I was so sure I didn't want the Nude on Nude palette! But now I am less sure of this fact >.< It looks (and sounds!) lovely.

  5. Hi lovey,

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

    Here is the link to the ebay seller for the cardi :)

  6. soo pretty! Love how natural this look is

  7. @Rae You should pick it up! I'll stop enabling soon, I promise!
    @Sidrah Thanks!