Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fashionista Blush Custom Palette

As part of the TOWIB event I attended on Saturday, Fashionista were lovely enough to make up one of their Custom Design Palette for us all! The palettes were based around three catwalk looks for SS12 , I chose the Anna Sui inspired Palette which contained 3 blushes and a eyeshadow/highlight.
The colours I received were Juicy Apricot; a beautiful shimmery peach, Butterscotch;a lovely matte pinky nude, Blushing; a really gorgeous matte pinky/fuchsia, Double Take; a white eyeshadow marbled with gold that can also be used as a highlight.

Fashionista Butterscotch Blush

This is how the products look in their single cases, you can keep them like this or you can put them into one of the Custom Design Palettes.


The pans pop out of the cases from the hole on the bottom, I was impressed with how easy this was to do as with some other products like this I usually end up breaking up the shadow!

The empty palettes come in either red or black, and come with a mirror, which is great because it is big enough to see your whole face, without having to move it around. This makes it a great palette to carry with you, as I do sometimes like to top up my blush or amp up my eyeshadow after I go out straight after work and want something a little more dramatic. It would be great if they could bring out a face powder that could go into the palette, as then it would have pretty much all you need to go from day to night, with the exception of a lip product.
From what I’ve seen this is going to be a great brand, with some brilliant and fresh additions to high street make-up. It’s great to see a brand that lets you create your own colour combinations, rather than deciding them for you, something that should have other (unoriginal) high-street brands like Maybelline, Rimmel etc quaking in their boots!  When the rest of the range launches, on the 26th of October, I’ll definitely be going for a bit of a snoop (it’s oh so conveniently near to pay day). When it launches, a full palette will retail at £12, with the eyeshadows/blushes retailing at around £4 and the palettes at £5 individually.
Keep a look out for some FOTD’s using these blushes!


  1. I've been after a blush palette for ages, this looks amazing! x

  2. There really good quality palettes, and I don't know of any other brands (aside from mac) that do blush palettes
    Hollie x