Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit

Vivo Eyebrow Kit
I picked this up whilst doing some food shopping as I don’t have any dedicated brow powders, and none of my eyeshadows looked quite right. It comes with three brow powders, a clear brow gel, and a angled brush and sponge (both of which are not really of much use, but that was to be expected).
I’ve been mixing the shades together, to create the right shade to balance out the make-up I have on. The matte powders are smooth and the best thing is they aren’t chalky ( I hate nothing more than fall out near my brows!).
Vivo Eyebrow Swatches
Most people should be able to find a colour to use in this kit, and if not the colours can be easily combined. I haven’t seen anything like this on the high-street before and this is definitely one of the stars of the Vivo range. If you haven’t found you HG brow product yet I suggest you try this out. It might just be it.
Vivo’s Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit costs £5 and is available at selected Tesco Extra stores. 

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  1. love vivo products :) illustrated them here if you fancied a nosey!
    Great review! x

  2. I can't wait to try this! x

  3. This looks amazing! :D

    But I think I'll probably give it a miss though since I have my HG brow pencil which is grey! It defines my brows perfectly and looks so natural. Brown looks odd on my brows...