Friday, 21 October 2011



If I had an unlimited budget then I probably would of ordered these items and be getting them shipped special delivery! Alas, I don’t so I can just look at the pretty things!

I’m loving New Look’s shoes at the minute, they’re great for getting inexpensive but still on trend footwear, I’m loving these Lace Up Wedge Shoe Boots (£24.99) and think they would be great for me as I’m in a bit of a rut and am just wearing flats. The Leopard Print Loafers (£22.99) are something else that’s really tempting me. I can see them being a pair of shoes that I would wear till they had holes in!

Nars Outremer (£16.50)  looks to me like the king of all blue shadows! I know I’d probably only wear it a couple of times, but its just such a unique shade, the magpie in me is telling me to fork out for it.

I’d love to wear the Lace Top (Topshop £38) with a pencil skirt, some killer heels, and red lippy and maybe  Models Owns Green Tea Nail Polish (£5). As you can see in my head I have spent a lot of money! But obviously not enough but ASOS has me lusting after this gorgeous seventies style Faux Fur Coat (£85). It reminds me of Life on Mars, David Bowie and T Rex, and being as I spent my teens covered in glitter and pretending to be a Starman, I’m finding it very hard to resist!

Thinking thats probably enough rambling from me for now!


  1. Aww, I love wishlist posts. :)

    You should definitely get MO's Green Tea polish. It has an amazing matte finish. One of my favourites. x

  2. I really want the NARS shadow too !

  3. @Sarirah I might have to get it when payday finally arrives!
    @Daisy Its such a lovely colour isn't it!