Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Graze Tuesdays!


In case you don’t know what Graze is, they send out boxes of healthy snacks for £3.49. You can order them as often as you like and can make them as healthy as you wish. I have a weekly ‘nibble’ box, but they also offer tailored ‘detox’ boxes and ‘nutrition’ boxes. I’m not ordering these as part of a diet or anything like that, I’m just a little bored of snacking on sweets!

Here’s what I got last week:


I really loved everything in this box (so did my Boyfriend, who stole most of my cashews!) although some of the things I am not so keen on like peanuts, and seeds I have asked them not to send me.

If anyone’s interested, in trying a FREE Graze box you can order them from their website and use the code LFN9KM8D

You’ll also get your second box half price!

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