Thursday, 6 October 2011

NOTD: 17 Magnetized Green


I’ve been experimenting with my nails a little more than usual lately and have really loved discovering some great, striking polishes that don’t involve a lot of fiddling. So when I saw the 17 Magnetized (why it’s spelt wrong I don’t know) I had to try one. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed but I really love the effect. I have Green (which is more of a jade/turquoise I think) there are three other colours; Lilac, Blue and Gunmetal.

I should also add I’m wearing fake nails in this picture, as my own are being completely horrific! I’ll do a separate post on them soon!


  1. This colour is really gorgeous. I think I'll be looking into getting this! Your falsies look so natural too. I didn't even notice until you said!

  2. @Jian thanks hun, I'd had enough of my nail polish chipping because of my nails splitting! So I decided enough was enough and bought some plain falsies!