Friday, 11 May 2012

The Body Shop Coconut Body Lotion: Moisturising for Lazy People

The Body Shop Coconut Milk Body Lotion Body Butter

I don’t talk about body products too much on here, mostly because I’m very lazy and have to force myself to moisturise. This is where this Coconut Body Lotion comes in, it has a very light texture I can only really compare it to milk. For extra convenience, it comes in a spray bottle so I only have to spend 2 minutes when I get out of the shower spraying it on and as it is so lightweight you can get dressed straight away and not worry about it sticking to your clothes.

The scent is gorgeous, not too sweet or synthetic and light enough not to interfere with any perfume you wear.

If your like me and are far to lazy for the likes of body butters, then I can’t recommend this enough!

You can find THe Body Shop Coconut Milk Body Lotion instore and online(link) where it retails at £8.00


  1. thanks for the post! I haven't seen the spray bottle have to get it as i am definitely lazy when it comes to moisturizing!

  2. I may have to look at this the next time I am in town. I use body lotions religiously but sometimes I use spray oils, as my legs can be quite dry. But they can be quite pricey! This looks like it could be a good alternative! Thanks for sharing :) xo