Tuesday, 29 May 2012

REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask

REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask Review

Perhaps my favourite product I have tried this year, this mask is an chemical exfoliant that uses fruit and lactic acids to break down dead skin cells and encourage a brighter complexion. This mask is gentle enough to be suitable for all but the most sensitive skin, but it still gives a through exfoliation leaving my skin looking more even and feeling smoother. And all without the use of manual exfoliants, which can often aggravate the skin and in my case cause redness and sensitivity.

Using the Clarisonic has improved my congested skin, the texture and scarring need a bit more help. I use this mask once a week, and it does take some getting used to, it has a very strong fruity pineapple scent, and feels a bit like runny jam! It does tingle but you won’t notice results immediately, but I think my skin looks better the morning after.

I think this mask will be a part of my routine for a long time, and hope it continues to fade the scarring I have from acne. If you are interested in chemical exfoliants I think this mask is a great place to start.

REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask costs £30 and is available here


  1. Hey, I've used this before and I think it smells like fruit pastilles! I really like it! It looks like a melted fruit pastille too haha. I enjoyed using it too but I found that the bottle didn't last me very long. I'd buy it again though.
    Nice review :-)

    Vic x


  2. I was looking at this the other day, but it similar to a papya one I have from Elemis. Once that runs out, I think I will try thise to compare the two. X

  3. This sounds really so lovely! xo