Monday, 21 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask

Montagne Jennesse Skin Heroes Break Out Mask
The Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask is part of the new Skin Heroes range. It is  ‘cleansing mud mask for problem skin, prone to eruptions’ it is a 2 stage product and comes with a Rapid Action Moisturiser.
The mask is a classic mud mask, a staple in most peoples skincare regimen. You get a generous amount, and I applied a thick layer all over and left for the recommended 15 minutes. I did find this dried to some extent, but not so much that it was uncomfortable, and it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight. This mask left my skin feeling soft and cleansed, and  I followed it up with the moisturiser.
When I used this I had a few spots that were refusing to come to the surface, and this definitely brought them out. I love having a clay mask on standby for when my skin is feeling congested, as they are very effective at bringing all the rubbish in you skin to the surface. I did have spots after using this, but I would prefer having a spot and it healing than having a painful spot that won’t come to the surface!
I will definitely be buying one of these to keep in my stash for the next time my skin flares up, having a sachet is great if you don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a  product that you are only going to use occasionally.
The Skin Heroes range is available at Asda and Montagne Jeunesse website (link) and cost £1.49 each.

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