Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dainty Doll Blusher in Money Talks

Dainty Doll Money Talks Review Swatch Pale Skin

Dainty Doll Money Talks Review Swatch Pale Skin 2

Dainty Doll Money Talks Review Swatch Pale Skin 3

Dainty Doll are one of my favourite brands to buy from, they don’t sell a massive range of products but they sell some brilliant essential products, that are cater to pale skin. A lot of the shades that Dainty Doll sell are hard to find on the high street and even from brands such as MAC. Money Talks is described as ‘Bronze’ but it has no orange tones in it, and looks very believable on my skin tone.

I use this blush to sculpt and add some definition I blend it through the backs of my (non-existent) cheek bones and around the temples.

I have heard a lot of products described as the ‘perfect contour for pale skin’ and this is the closest I’ve come to finding it. It would work better as a contour if it was matte, but having the slight shimmer does mean it makes a nice blush shade on is on (when I use it as more of a contour I pair it with another blush).


As usual I love the packaging it’s sleek and doesn’t waste any space. I feel the pricing of Dainty Doll products is fair, it’s slightly cheaper than MAC, and I think the quality is equal if not better.

You can find Dainty Doll products on Feel Unique (link) where the Blushes cost £11.50


  1. Dying to try out this brand, I'm pale too so would love to give it a go!

    1. It's such a great brand for pale skin! xx

  2. This is lovely, I think it looks more like a bronzer than a blush though! xo

    1. It is a lot more like a bronzer, but for some reason they call it a blush!xx