Saturday, 14 January 2012

Glossy Box for Men

glossybox for men 2

Glossybox for men

Glossy Box for Men works in much the same way as the womens version, the only difference being that the guys get seven products, on a quarterly basis rather than monthly. It costs £15 (plus £2.95 P+P) and I couldn’t resist signing Nik up to it.  There are only 5 products pictured, as he used the other two up before I got chance to take a photograph!

The above statement is not fair, my girlfriend thinks she can give me a box of goodies and not expect me to use it, does she ? Really ? REALLY ?

Anyways, firstly the not great products. The Hair and Body Shampoo by Goldwell was not really to my liking, it didn’t really clean my hair or my body and left a slight residue on my scalp. Not what you want before going out… To be honest, that was the only really bad point to this box.

The Goldwell Lagoom Jam was a godsend. Put it on at 6pm, massive office party, where I was mingling, networking and politicking my arse off, all the while with perfect hold, staying till I went back to my hotel room at 5:30am ! I got two fragrances, both of which, Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme and  and La Nuit De La Homme, I am a big fan of. Clean, crisp and both very refreshing. Nuit edges it for me as it has a sense of grandeur which goes well with my ego. I might drop a subtle hint to the good lady as a Valentine’s Day present.

Now, the Shaveworks Cool Fix gel was very calming and soothed my skin well, no razor burn, no soreness. The Monu Vitru Body Wash was not as great as the other products in this box but still quite good. Left me feeling clean and fresh but wasn’t much more special than your random upper-market men's shower gels. The Murad Clarifying mask was.. Well, I’m not a big fan of these masks so as good as it was (it made my skin soft and clear) it wasn’t 100%. It’s like drinking real ale. Great for an occasional swift pint but not for a full night out. These three products were good but I wouldn’t buy any of these especially as I have products I have used in the past.

The real killer in this box, though, has to be the Energy Rub. This may possibly be worth the 15 pounds (plus 2.95 p+p) alone. It does the job it is made to do better than any of the other products. Soothes your muscles, relaxes your body, makes you calmer and refreshed at the same time.

To sum up, if I was ranking these products in order of how good they are, Gold would go to the Energy Rub, Silver to the Lagoom Jam and Bronze to La Nuit De La Homme. I’m probably going to buy the Energy Rub as I have 10% off online, and I may also invest in some other products similar to this as they have been quite great.

So there we have, Nik will be keeping his subscription! Do the men in your life subscribe to Glossybox? Would it appeal to them?

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