Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment

Liz Earle don’t release hundreds of products every month so when they release something new, you know its going to be something worth trying! If you read this post you’ll know that I don’t use conditioners that contain silicones, and when looking for a hair treatment it can be hard to find one on the high street that isn’t full of them. So I was very excited to try one from a brand whose skincare I have had a lot of success with.
I have very thick, coloured treated hair, and at times I would be happy to just get a pair of scissors and hack it all off! So anything that makes it more manageable is a miracle worker as far as I’m concerned. You use this treatment in place of your conditioner, and I have been using it once or twice a week for the past couple of weeks.
I shampoo as normal, and get as much water out of my hair as I can, I then apply it through mid-lengths to ends and leave it for 10-30 minutes wrapped in a warm towel.
Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment
The texture is quite thick but it spreads easily through the hair, and when it comes to rinsing it off I feel like my hair has soaked up the product as opposed to it just sitting on top of the hair.
I then blow dry and straighten my hair as normal, and I find normally no matter how long I spend trying to tame my hair it will end up frizzy and wavy again. I found straightening my hair took a lot less time, and was much less of a chore. It also stayed a lot straighter into the next day (I should say I don’t use any straightening serums or balms, just an Indola Heat Protectant Spray )
This retails at £14.00 for 150ml, and considering the price of some hair treatments *cough* Moroccan Oil *cough* I think this is a fair price. Liz Earle always seem to price things right for the quality of product, and as someone who wouldn’t spend a fortune on hair care I would have no problem paying £14 for this.
This is becoming a staple in my routine and is a lovely way to treat you hair on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
You can find Liz Earle Haircare online direct from Liz Earle, they’re flagship stores or John Lewis counters.

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