Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sundays Summary

1. I had a great New Year and spent New Years Eve to the Bank Holiday Monday relaxing with Nik, my sister and her boyfriend. We did go out for a couple of hours, but I had more fun at home! We all rang in the New Year hangover free, and enjoyed a massive roast dinner and lots of movies slouched on the sofa.
2. Nik spent last night at a work party, so me and Jenny got comfy on the sofa and ordered in. After a week full of 4.30am alarms I really needed to just veg out on the sofa and not move! I spent a bit of time doing something Nik hates, watching QVC. I find I can put QVC Beauty on and not turn it off for hours! I never buy anything but I love listening to people ramble about beauty products!
3. I haven’t really done much sale shopping this week other than the New CID Set, and some Rituals Bath Oil that has the same gorgeous Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom scent as the Body Cream I mentioned here. My favourite purchase this week has got to be two Large Housewarmer Yankee Candles, one Christmas Cookie + one Christmas Cupcake that were both reduced to an amazing £9.50 in Leicester’s House of Fraser Outlet, I love having my whole house smell like gorgeous, sugary goodies!
4. Jenny’s been with us for three weeks now and I think she’s really starting to settle in, she’s very attached to me and follows me round all day! I’ve really missed having a dog around since moving out of my parents house and it’s lovely to come home and have her be so excited to see me! Any time I’ve blogged this week she has been sat on my knee, with her front paws on my desk, occasionally hitting the space key! Maybe she wants to do a guest post!
I hope you’ve all had a good week and are having a great start to the year!

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  1. that doggy is adorable :)xx